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Polshed Plaster Bathroom

Polished plaster is proving to be a very popular finish in bathrooms for those looking to create seamless and modern finishes. It provides a luxurious alternative to tiles providing clean, minimal and modern spaces. The results prove to be more spectacular and durable than traditional tiles.

This finish has been used by designers, artists and builders for centuries in bathrooms as it has been proven to stand the test of time. It is product naturally resistant to mould and mildew, which is why it is so widely used in bathrooms and other wet areas such as kitchens and laundries.

As opposed to standard tiles, polished plaster provides a luxurious and seamless alternative for those seeking something more modern and eye catching in their home. It allows curves of one wall to flow into another, providing a sense of continuity.

Being a plaster, the finishes can be shaped by hand to create a softer and more artistic effect not achievable with tiles. It also removes the need for grout.

While polished plaster is suitable for wet areas such as shower walls and splashbacks it is not recommended for areas where water pools, such as hand basins, bath tubs and shower floors, which are frequently submerged areas.

Bathrooms require both decorative and functional finishes. Decorative finished refer to the product applied on feature walls and are used aesthetically, while functional finishes apply where the coating needs to be hard wearing, such as in bathrooms, for areas such as shower walls and splashbacks. These functional areas require highly skilled workmanship to ensure they stand up to the scrutiny they will constantly come under. At C&C Interior Rendering we ensure the quality of our products and the time and effort we apply to our work ensures for high quality functional finishes.